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Hello! My name is Margret-Ann, and I am a needle felt artist. I was born in Toledo, Ohio where I still reside.

I started needle felting quite by accident several years ago. I have been a quilter for twenty years or so, and I bought a little needle felting kit at a national quilt convention. I love hand quilting and applique, and 3-D aspects on a quilt. I wanted to give my quilts, even more, depth, and I thought wool fabric and wool roving would do the trick. I did not like following patterns and usually adapted them to my vision of what I wanted the quilt to be.

  I also have a love of dolls. I tried making cloth dolls, but I am not a seamstress, and those tiny hands did me in. They always looked terrible. I found a doll type of convention one year in Columbus, Ohio. They had a class that would teach how to make a hand out of wool roving. I thought I could handle that, just one hand. I knew in class that I was hooked. That class did not use wire armature, so it never occurred to me to use it until later on down the line. I wasn’t thrilled with the roving though as it did not felt up as hard and sturdy as I wanted. It took me a few years to get just the right blend so that my sculptures would be very strong, stand on their own and hold their shapes. I did try the armature, and I do use it at times for very specific needs, but I don’t like felting around it. I don’t like the feel of it when the piece is finished, and I do not like it if the wool just looks wrapped around the wire when the piece is finished. So I continue sculpting my pieces without the use of armature as much as possible.

 Another passion of mine is real estate investing. I invest in single family homes that I sell, rent or rent-to-own. I divide my time up pretty evenly on both sides. My right-brain/creative mind has always helped me to think outside the box for real estate, and my left- brain/business mind keeps me grounded with my art. Books and bills have to be taken care of, no matter what!

 Wool is my clay, and I can sculpt most anything from it. I use many types of natural fibers in my work, and I hand-dye a lot of these fibers to get just the right color. I hope you enjoy my creations as I have a head full, waiting in line. As my grandmother used to say, “I can see it in my mind’s eye.” I see a lot there, lurking in the shadows, waiting to be born.