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Artomatic 419! photos by Amy Voight

Artomatic 419 2015

2018 Art Doll Quarterly Magazine fall issue volume 16 issue 3, haunted fairytales, needle felted Count VaLaddin p. 99

Artomatic 419 2015

2018 International Doll Artists Magazine October volume 4, needle felted piece and story: I Want to be a Mermaid, cover name & p. 46

Big ideas; Toledo artist is pushing needle felting to fantastic dimentions.

Story by Roberta Gedert

'Handwritten Dreams' marks shift for Toledo Artist, story by Roberta Gedert

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2018 Art Doll Quarterly Magazine spring issue volume 16 issue 1, needle felted Janis Joplin character doll p. 101

2019 International Doll Artists Magazine January volume 5, pumpkin doll challenge, needle felted & wet felted Mrs. P Autumn p. 44


Fiber Art Now 2019 Fiber Art Now summer issue volume 8 issue 4, Fiber Transformed, needle felted Janis Joplin doll p. 45

2017 Art Doll Quarterly Magazine spring volume 15 issue 1, feature story; From Sheep to Dragons: The Magic of Needle Felting pp. 42-45