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Sponsorships Available for ArtPrize 10, 2018

My goal is to win the ArtPrize People's Choice Grand Prize Award of $200,000. I have had so much support from ArtPrize visitors. They have followed me on social media, and many came back specifically to see me during my second showing. I had a lot of publicity in the local papers and on the news channels both in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and Toledo, Ohio for ArtPrize7 and ArtPrize8. I am vying for a venue that is more centrally located in downtown Grand Rapids for ArtPrize9. I believe I will have many followers and supporters coming specifically to see me and thispiece, spread the word, and cast their vote for Here I am, Lord. 

There is so much to ArtPrize exhibiting. There is a preview week prior to the three week event, and I spend at least a month in Grand Rapids. I am with my pieces most every hour that ArtPrize is open.  I am there to meet people, demonstrate needle felting, and answer questions about my process and materials used in making my art pieces. This is imperative for interaction with the voting public, media, judges, and critics.

A month-long exhibit away from home is extremely expensive. Many thousands of dollars, literally, are spent on transportation for myself, my artwork, fuel, meals, lodging, and all the things you would associate with an extended stay. There are also thousands of postcards that need to be printed with my voting number, information aboutmyself , my art work.and sponsors. I also need hired help to physically pull these shows off. I need your assistance. I have a lot to offer my sponsors. Please look at the sponsorship levels and see how your sponsorship can be mutually beneficial.

Thank you for your time and consideration.